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Tymelord's Journal

Someone with too much Tyme on his hands

Aron Toman
23 February 1983

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User Number: 4224097
Date Created:17/8/2004
Number of Posts: 94

Disguised as a mild-mannered bank teller, Tymelord is really a superfanatical fun-loving nut case with an obsession with musical theatre.
Strengths: Funny, mildly amusing, fun-loving, great singer and performer (acording to some), practically perfect in every way.
Weaknesses: Easily procrastinated, can find an excuse to not do anything. Inability to master basic social skills
Special Skills: Tang-Soo-Do, Speed-typing, Super-quick-wit,
Weapons: Pen, high-kicks, perfectionsit brain
Motto: "I got rhythm, I got music, I got my friends - who could ask for anything more?"

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